About Eternal Ware

The Eternal Ware mission is to celebrate a loved one’s life by unifying their cremated remains into a new and beautiful form - a kiln-fired product of clay - as a lasting and portable vase, plate, pendant or other creation that will serve as a life symbol of a loved one. The heirlooms can be personalized with a name or initials and dates of birth/death. Eternal Ware is an environmentally conservative means of preserving cremated remains, presenting a solution to our current and future burial concerns with space and ash placement.

In his early days as an artist, Eternal Ware CEO Ron Javner wanted to leave his own legacy of “becoming art.” His desire in launching Eternal Ware now is to bring together a community of artists to use their unique skills to do just that for others; to create heirlooms for those who have lost a loved one and want to memorialize their spirit into a unique and portable piece of art. This process can be accomplished for a loved one or even a loved pet.

Eternal Ware makes a commitment to every customer that your loved one’s ashes will be handled with the utmost dignity and care; our staff will preserve the unity of your loved one’s remains from the moment we receive them until your finished memorial is delivered to you.





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