Alex Chinn

Alex Chinn grew up in rural western Massachusetts in an old farmhouse with his painter mother. He was exposed to various art media, including clay, from early childhood. Clay became his primary artistic outlet while studying with Ron Gallas at Macalester College.

For more than 10 years Alex Chinn has kept an active studio at the Northern Clay Center and a home, and garden, with his family in Saint Paul. Alex makes forms that are considerate of their intended use and are interesting to view and touch. Nature is often a source of inspiration as are the daily needs around the house and garden.

The Sentinel form has strong lines that define a solid, calm presence. The “window” opening allows light through and an intriguing look to the other side of the piece. This creates a focal point and a level of interaction that would not be possible without it. Alex finds incorporating cremains into the structure as an appropriate way to give a new form to a departed loved one. The very nature of hand-made work results in a one of a kind piece not unlike the way that we are all unique..

Prices: The Sentinel Small (approx. 3.75"x3.75"x11"): $415. Medium (approx. 5.5"x5.5"x16.5"): $650. Large (approx. 7.25"x7.25"x22"): $775.

Work Examples - Hover to view, Click to enlarge

  •        "Sentinel No Stain" - Order Number Small: AC-01 Medium: AC-02 Large: AC-03
  •        "Sentinel Stain" - Order Number Small: AC-04 Medium: AC-05 Large: AC-06
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