Joe Christensen

Joe is a nationally recognized creator of impressive wheel-thrown large scale stoneware vessels (3-6 feet in height) that feature carved abstract or nature themes. Joe states “The nature of clay is to bring to life any form that one can imagine and skill will allow for”. He always tries to create vessels that are timeless. He wants them to at once reference the past and yet seem to be very modern. Influenced by both the pre-modern Chinese and Japanese ceramics his large forms are spectacular canvas on which to show the organic beauty of soda-fired clay. In turning a pot he desires both scale that has a human quality and a certain “rightness” of form. When a pot is glazed and goes into the kiln one can only hope for the fire to bring its power to transform the raw earth materials into something timeless - to capture the moment it was created on the wheel.

Joe was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from St. John’s University in Minnesota where he studied ceramics. Joe continues to live in Minneapolis; his pottery studio is just across the St. Croix River in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Prices: Carved Abstract / Nature Pots: 2 Ft. $700, 3 Ft. $1000, 4 Ft. $1400, 5 FT. $1600, 6ft. $2200

Pots: 2 ft. $500, 3ft. $600, 4 ft. $900, 5ft. $1400, 6 ft. $1950

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