Larry Allen

Larry is an accomplished ceramic artist who for the last 35 years has honed his craft ware into authentic, beautiful inspiring creations.

Larry works with a “special black” stoneware clay. Larry’s pottery is "wheel thrown" and utilizes a technique known as Sgraffito. This is a sophisticated method of incising designs onto leather-hard clay that has been completely covered with a colored slip (clay solution).

Most of Larry’s designs are inspired by African and Native American work. One design in particular is the "Unity Design" that was inspired by the tragedy of 9-11 and portrays a concept of togetherness.

In addition to developing his unique inspired pottery creations, Larry teaches pottery classes and travels for pottery exhibitions, displaying his work at numerous festivals throughout the year.

Prices: $575 for pieces without lids, $650 with lids

Work Examples - Hover to view, Click to enlarge

  •        $575 - Order Number LA-01
  •        $575 - Order Number LA-02
  •        $650 - Order Number LA-03
  •        $650 - Order Number LA-04
  •        $575 - Order Number LA-05
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