How to Order an Eternal Ware Memorial Product

  1. Please call us directly at 651-330-7788. If you prefer to be contacted by email, please complete the information on the “contact us” page of this website.
  2. An EW staff person will consult with you to determine the specifics of your order, including the size, design, style, and price of your memorial heirloom. Images of all of our pottery memorial options can be found on the Potter’s Gallery page of this website.
  3. EW staff can complete the Order Form with you over the phone. If you prefer, you may complete the fillable Order Form directly on the website, print and submit it to EW’s secure email server, or you may print the Order Form, complete and sign it, and mail or scan it to EW. Please review the Terms and Conditions on page two of the Order Form.
  4. You will arrange to send the ashes of your loved one to EW, either directly through the USPS or from a designated funeral home or crematory. EW staff can help you with the mailing instructions and process as needed.
  5. You will receive confirmation when your order is complete and your ashes are received by EW. Payment in full is due at that time.

EW will strive to assist you in every possible way in your desire to memorialize your loved one in a work of art that will be a permanent and beautiful heirloom. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, or see our FAQ’s for additional information.

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